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Helpful facts, easy tips and fun ideas to help you and your family choose water!

Our helpful tips, facts and budget calculators will provide you with valuable information and resources.

These resources are created to supplement the Thirsty? Choose Water! program in secondary schools and are created for Year 7 and 8 students (young adolescents).

Please take a look around and encourage your kids to visit too – they’ll find a fun and educational game and other cool features.


Tips and ideas

Inspire healthy changes in the home with these tips and ideas to help your kids drink water.

Be informed, know the score!

Calculate how much sugary drinks are costing you

Just think about how much money you’ll save if you switch to water.

Choose water and you can start planning for a healthier and wealthier future!

Move the sliders below to calculate how much drinks have cost you.

On a normal day I have

On a normal day my family has

0.00 sugary drinks

The drinks normally cost


I've been drinking sugary drinks

We've been drinking sugary drinks

0.00 years



sugary drinks!

You've spent


And consumed


grams of sugar

Choose water and you will save


a week!



New shoes

Gym membership

New sports gear

Movie tickets

AFL/NRL tickets

Concert tickets

Latest computer game

A family getaway

Dinner at a restaurant

New clothes and shoes

Gym membership

Toys and games

Movie tickets

AFL/NRL tickets

Concert tickets

Calculations based on a 375ml can of soft drink containing around 10 teaspoons of sugar.


Get fundraising!

We know that it’s easier for kids to choose water at school if there is chilled water available.

If your children don’t have access to a chilled water station at school, download our Fundraising Pack that’s packed full of ideas and has everything you need to plan a fundraising campaign to purchase and install a chilled water station at your school.

All Thirsty? Choose Water! content and materials are designed to provide general information only and are not intended as medical advice. For individually-tailored advice, consult your doctor or health professional.