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Thirsty? Choose Water! is a whole-school approach to promoting water through classroom lessons, support for the installation of a chilled water station and promotional messages to the school community.

We have worked closely with schools to develop these resources to support students to make healthy choices that will stay with them well into their adult lives. The resources below have been created for NSW Stage 4 students – young adolescents.

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Want to spread theThirsty? Choose Water! message at your school? Download our ready-to-go Promotional Toolkit that has everything you need.

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Our research has shown putting chilled water stations in schools, in addition to curriculum and promotional activities, not only increases water consumption among adolescents, but also reduces their sugary drink intake. If your school doesn’t have a chilled water station, but you’d like to fundraise for one, download our Fundraising Pack. It has everything you need to plan a fundraising campaign to purchase and install a chilled water station at your school. And if you’d prefer to fundraise for a bottle re-filler or water cooler instead, no worries, the Pack will give some ideas to help you on your way.

Backed by research

The Thirsty? Choose Water! research program is the first of its kind in Australia and has already been successfully implemented in schools across five NSW health districts, covering metro, regional, rural and remote areas.

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All Thirsty? Choose Water! content and materials are designed to provide general information only and are not intended as medical advice. For individually-tailored advice, consult your doctor or health professional.